Haiku very much…

So I had this idea.

So I write it up.

So I find other people have had the idea first.

I suspected this might be the case, which is why I did the web search in the first place.

Such is life.

So anyway, here’s the idea:


by John Kovalic.
And his Spammers

We Are the Best John
Vicodin only now – john
don’t waste that chance John

Hardcore s*cks and f*cks
Premium Cigar package
Bank Account issue

Your home payment loan
Two secretaries. One boss.
Free child pron preview

High rates? Not with us!
hhuuge c011ection ttteeeen purno
Flash games play inside!!!!!!!!!

Your paypal account
Test & Keep a Nintendo
Get yur drugggggs onlins

does your credit stink?
Madonna wears a Rolex
the easiest way

Skuppper Viakra
turn you into a Master
in bed-V1@GRA

Customer refil
Claim your brand new call phone now!
You are pre-approved

its christy i’m here
Improve your Performance now
I promise:we will

New Small Cap Growth St0ck
Refinance the Christrian way
These shares will explode




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