The Dr. is finally IN!

Dr. Blink #1 is IN DA HOUSE!

FedEx just dropped off five copies for me. Two copies are now FedExing their way to Chris and Melissa.

I am so over-the-moon happy with it, I don’t have words.

There were so many delays in getting issue #1 out (mostly due to the move to color) right up to the last minute that I finally just stopped telling people when I thought it would ship, because some NEW small delay would then pop up, pushing things back again. Some were technical. Some were silly. Some were just stupid. And I was worried sick about them ALL.

But it is done, and it is HERE!

It should be in stores in a week or two.

Chris’ art and Melissa’s coloring just look SENSATIONAL!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!


Over the next week or two, I’ll be experimenting with a slightly different drawing style on the Online comics.

Not sure if anyone will even notice.

I mean, unless, say, I mention it or anything.


I came across a generally nice, flattering and for the most part accurate entry on Dork Tower in the Wikipedia.


…who’s Theo?

I mean, seriously?

And his pet rat, Stanley?

Is this a transmission come to us somehow from the future? Am I to create such characters?


THIS HAS GOT TO BE most amazingly cute thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Seriously. Beware of cavities. It’s THAT sweet.

Automatic Monitor Washer


In celebration of the Blink #1 news, here’s some Blinky goodness: The cover if issue #2!

Art by Chris. Colors by Melissa. Thanking his lucky stars by John.


Peas, out.




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