Still Ill

Super Bowl Sunday.

Shrove Tuesday yesterday.

Mardi Gras last night.

Chinese new year tonight.

Valentine’s Day Monday.

Who needs a Holiday Season when early February has suddenly become, like, the hot, hot, HOT.


Anyway, illness aside, I whipped up a pretty mean jambalaya last night for Judith, as we settled in for a relaxed evening of Celebrity Poker Showdown and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and lots of phlem.

Yea, I say unto thee, in the household Heise/Kovalic, Tuesday nights we are as unto Bravo’s be-atches.

Despite some fun moments,Celebrity Poker was possibly one of the weakest games I’d seen there in a while. Perhaps it was Robert Wagner’s early departure, but if anyone had shown even an ounce of aggression, they’d have walked off with everything. The show summary is pretty generous about the player’s intentions.

But it was fun spending the evening saying (for example) “He should raise $2,000 here,” to be followed by Phil Gordon saying “He should raise $2,000 here,” to be followed by him NOT raising $2,000 here, to be followed by me cackling as him goes down like a limp bag of crisps, to be followed by my lovely and talented wife glowering at me.

If I could put this knowledge to some practical use, I could be awesome and mighty.

As the Warpcon Charity Poker Tournament showed, however…I can’t.

I should have spent more time at Warpcon playing Halo II and less playing poker.

But it was for the KIDS.

And the jambalaya still ruled.


Check this out:

Tokyo Ninja Radio

As LJ user lostperdita put it, “and what isn’t there to like about rockabilly ninjas?”


Come hell or high water, a cartoon WILL go up on the website today.


I had to turn down a couple of really nice convention invites the last couple of days, which sucks.

But I will be at Madison’s Oddcon, in early April. And so will Ken Hite!

It’s swell. Come on down.


The Gilly Plushie, from Toy Vault, should be shipping soon.

Apparently, it’s already been solicited (which I wasn’t aware of, or I’d have pimped it heavily), so if’n you want one, bug your local retailers NOW!

Next up: either the plush Carson or the plush Igor, which will double as a dice bag.


I hold Dork Tower #30 in my hands.

It rocks. Mightily.

Dr. Blink #1 should be here any day now, as well.

I will go back to being Insecure John next week. Right now, tho’, I feel great.


Apropos of nothing…

I always suspected as much of Ken:

Lord of the Rings Adventure by tostitos_way
Your weapon broadswordbattle axeelven swordmacelambas breadbow and arrowswizard’s staffdragon
Think you’ll destroy the Ring in the end? YesNoYes, but I’ll probably dieNo, and the Ring will betray me
You start from Gondor
Eye Candy Elf eekbats
Ambiguously Gay Best Friend pirate_wench_6
Mysterious Stranger angusabranson
The Comic Relief foxbat
Your Treacherous Guide princeofcairo
Chances you’ll succeed: 55%
Do you destroy the Ring? Yes
The Fate of Middle-Earth Your friend has lots of babies, you get nothing
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