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Still sick. Stomach virus or something now. Gaaaah. I can’t remember when I’ve ever been this ill for this long…

But new Dork Towers start up again at tomorrow (Wednesday).

Thanks for all the kind words on The Unspeakable Oaf, which has been filling in for a bit.

If I can find the right client, I’d love to start these up again as a regular series. The full run to date will all also appear in an upcoming collection (published either this fall or next Spring) called (tentatively) (for want of a MUCH better name) Kovalicopia, which should collect lots of my non-Dork Tower works, like the Unspeakable Oaf, Beached, Newbies, Redshirts and some edit cartoons, and other things that really didn’t fit anywhere else.


Nice review of Dork Side of the Goon, from THE COMIC BOOK NETWORK ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE:

176 pages, black & white, color cover, $15.99
Collects issues 25-29 and the short story “Igor’s Last Date”
Dork Storm Press

You can’t miss the cover of this collected trade. It is a rift
on the cover to the Pink Floyd album DARK SIDE OF THE MOON with
the triangular head of Matt serving as the prism. No really,
that is how his head is always drawn.

DORK TOWER is about a group of friends who live in the world of
hobbies we are all familiar with. They are gamers and comic fans
and get into movies and computer stuff and some of them even
fall in love. The main story running through these issues is the
tension between Matt and his on again girlfriend Kayleigh. Matt
is really in love with the perky goth, Gilly but she us
preparing to leave on a trip to Europe. Along the way we have
lots of little humorous bits and we also feel the emotions for
the starcrossed couple. Mixed in is other fun stuff with Igor
the way too enthusiastic gamer, the shop keeper who wonders why
he ever got into the business and puts up with lots of strange
customers, and lots more.

I have reviewed all those issue in the past so I won’t get into
specifics now. As I look back over the years I have been doing
this column and editing the E-Mag I have a special place in my
heart for certain comics I have been introduced to because of
that work. There have been many with a wide range of quality and
entertainment value. Few have maintained that level, or even
still exist year after year. One I always mention as the Emag
reaches its anniversary has been the work of John Kovalic. He is
a master cartoonist in every sense of the word. This volume adds
another chapter that promises to continue for a long time. Get
it today.

CBNEM is, by the way, fast approaching its tenth birthday, so congratulations are due all around.


Dork Tower #30 and Dr. Blink #1 should be shipping to stores next week.



HILARIOUS animated Dork Tower icon, from

Check it out here, where you can also sing his praises.

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