More Dr. Blinks coming!

We were going to send several hundred Dr. Blink # 1s as promotional copies, through a certain magazine. Considering Diamond and other distributors sold out, we’ve decided to change our plans. Those comics are going into the distribution system now. So if you couldn’t get one, a few more are on the way. Probably best […]

Need a shrink? Better grab one fast!

Holy cow! We’ve had reports of Dr. Blink #1 sales being good…very good… Now we’ve found out that Diamond Comics Distribution has sold out already, like, twelve HOURS after the book hit the stands! And we were pretty darn happy with Diamond’s initial order to begin with! Diamond’s promised us more purchase orders. We’ve also […]

Fear and Loathing In the Next Life

Monday’s cartoon was obviously written before news of Hunter S. Thompson’s suicide had reached me. Damn. I wonder if this means the end for Uncle Duke…? Gary Trudeau strikes me as the kinda guy who I could see killing him off (like, permanantly this time) at some unspecified point in the future… John <p

Easy Like Snowy Sundays

I don’t, as a rule, like snow. Well, I don’t like living where it snows, that much. At least when it’s snowing. You can always fly to where it’s snowing, is my rule of thumb. You don’t need it on your doorstep. But I like this snow. Great, wet, ungainly, tumbling clumps of snow are […]

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