Give me the nice, bright colors…

The Big Announcement ™: Starting immediately, the Dork Tower comic book will be Full Color for the foreseeable future. Gads, I hope this works out. I’m pretty scared about it, but also pretty excited. The price will rise to $3.49 with issue #32 (issue #31 will be $2.99, as originally solicited), but if we get […]

The Dr. is finally IN!

Dr. Blink #1 is IN DA HOUSE! FedEx just dropped off five copies for me. Two copies are now FedExing their way to Chris and Melissa. I am so over-the-moon happy with it, I don’t have words. There were so many delays in getting issue #1 out (mostly due to the move to color) right […]

Still Ill

Super Bowl Sunday. Shrove Tuesday yesterday. Mardi Gras last night. Chinese new year tonight. Valentine’s Day Monday. Who needs a Holiday Season when early February has suddenly become, like, the hot, hot, HOT. **** Anyway, illness aside, I whipped up a pretty mean jambalaya last night for Judith, as we settled in for a relaxed […]

The English (im)Patient

Still sick. Stomach virus or something now. Gaaaah. I can’t remember when I’ve ever been this ill for this long… But new Dork Towers start up again at tomorrow (Wednesday). Thanks for all the kind words on The Unspeakable Oaf, which has been filling in for a bit. If I can find the right […]

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