And I think to myself, what a wonderful weekend…

Item the first: Someone in Norway sent me a copy of the Nemi soundtrack. For which I can only say “Thank you thank you thank you thank you!”

Now, I have to say that here, since there was no return address or note with it.

If I ever get to Norway (fingers crossed), I must try and track down more Nemi goodness.


Item the second: I was sent a copy of Fluid Software’s Dundjinni mapping software, which totally rocks on toast! I mean, this is almighty wicked cool, and not JUST because it’s Mac compatible (System 10.3 +) as well as Windows-ready.


Item the third: I actually pushed myself away from the drawing table and did some gaming on Saturday, over at my friend Paul Wellner’s (“Maxwell” in Dork Tower) own mini-con, WellCon.

I played in a giant scenario for Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars miniature game (BIG fan of the system), where the Rebel Scum grabbed a Pyrrhic victory from the jaws of Darth Defeat.

Then it was a massive, 13-box Heroscape game. This is the first time I’ve ever played this, and it was a hoot. Very simple, very fun, and by god, are there some great miniatures in those sets. and they average out to $1 per mini.

Finally, I got in a game of the Vs. collectible card game. All I can say is “Go, Punishher! Go Black Cat!”

Lots of good cartoon material sketched out, too!


Item the fourth: Sunday, I finally saw the Incredibles.

Aptly titled film. Far more adults than children watching it, but I was pretty surprised that a one-year-old was let in. Still, the movie was great enough not to notice the screaming behind you.


Item the fifth:Lastly, here is a Field Report on Igor Bars from Aaron Pike>:

Last night, the gamers sampled the Igor Bars. The smell of them gave me a sugar rush. I took the first bite, following the advice of the tasty treat’s maker: “You have to bite across all strata.” The flavor is sweet, and the textures very well-balanced. It tends to cling tenaciously to the roof of the mouth and the teeth. I enjoyed the experience of my first bite until it hit my stomach. No longer a young gamer, I! At T+5 minutes I tried a slice of pepperoni pizza to try to settle my stomach, to no avail. At T+10 minutes I was considering a run to Woodman’s for a bottle of Mylanta. At T+15 the sugar rush hit, on one single bite, mind you, and everything was okay. In fact, I couldn’t stop giggling. At T+17 minutes, my burps were tasty. I refrained from additional bites.

We had more than 2/3 of the pan left, so I volunteered to bring it to work. I work as a Computer Science teacher at a high school, and teens will eat anything. I decided to experiment on my Advanced Placement students (the genius geeks, right?). I explained what they were getting into if they were to eat any of this, and cautioned them to eat only a square inch at a time. The lab now smells of butterscotch, but the general mood is pretty elevated. They are coding pretty efficiently, except for the one who came back for thirds (!), who was vibrating and muttering, “I can’t feel my legs,” while he paced/bounced around the room.

In conclusion, the Igor Bar is a tasty treat that’s fun to eat, as long as you still have your adolescent metabolism. Further experimentation might be scientifically worthwhile (or, you know, funny) on younger children, or perhaps co-workers.

Anybody else make any, yet?

Now to work. LOTS to do before leaving for Warpcon next week…

Peas, out.



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