Reasons To be Cheerful, Part III

In an effort to stay positive, in light of all the horror of the last week, coupled with the horrors (both large and small) of the past year, it’s time for REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL, PART III (RTBCPT), special Year’s End edition.

Obviously, some giant, giant things have happened in my life this past year that I feel blessed by: my dad’s successful heart surgery: the Warpcon charity auction; family and friends in general…

But this RTBCPT is different: this is simply things I discovered or experienced for the first time (both large and small) in 2004 that just make me smile.

Off the top of my head, and in no particular order, I’d say:

(1) Get Fuzzy. I’ve just fallen in love with this comic strip.

(2) The after-con Sauna at Ropecon (pronounced “Roh-peh-con”) will take some beating, as far as convention stories go for me.

(3) Fountains of Wayne live, supported by Glenn Tilbrook

(4) Drawing murals

(5) “The Pedant In the Kitchen,” by Julian Barnes. A charming read.

(6) Portavia, an Italian chain restaurant that opened on London’s Charing Cross Road, just south of Tottenham Court Road tube station, that makes the best damn pizza I’ve had outside of Italy. Inexpensive (for London), too…

(7) Peahens!

I’ll be adding to this list, but work needs my attention right now.

Name some things you discovered this year that are YOUR Reasons To Be Cheerful (both large and small). We’ve got a list going HERE…

Peas, out,



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