Waterloo Sunset. Madison Morning

Last London thoughts:

Late night, Waterloo bridge.

A drunkard runs across the road, apparently randomly, bringing the Number 188 bus I am on to a sudden, shocking, sickening stop.

The driver pulls over, and we wait…and wait…for an ambulance to come to check on some of the passengers.

“There’d better be blood on the front, or I, for one, will be TERRIBLY disappointed,” I joke to the guy in front of me, as we finally file out of the bus.

“I think that’s what they’re checking for now,” he says.

“Ah. Right, then,” I mumble, “I should probably shut up now.”

I hope the medics, when they arrive, are able to extract a person’s foot from their mouth.


On finally arriving at my destination, the bus passes by my stop on Tower Bridge Road.


Because a building behind it had collapsed, during the day.

And so a simple trip back to my Sister’s place becomes a chapter from Martin Amis’ “London Fields.”


MoviePoopShoot.com gave a really nice review to Dork Tower 29 in its latest “Should It Be A Movie?” comics column.

Since there are no spoilers, I’m posting it here.

By Marc Mason
December 14, 2004

Written and Drawn by John Kovalic
Published by Dork Storm Press

DORK TOWER 29 is more than just an amusing and entertaining comic book. Much more. When this series first began a few years ago, its primary focus was on using its characters to poke a lot of fun at geek culture, even as you knew that Kovalic himself had to be a geek of the highest order. That made it easy for the reader to laugh along with the book and not feel like the victim of the humor. There were occasional elements in the book that added to the characters and who they were, and subplots even began to spring up and begin to gain life of their own. But it is with this issue that the series’ growth has found a new level, and DORK TOWER has shifted to being a character driven book with the occasional moment of geek satire. Indeed, the satire is far more organic now, as it flows from who the characters are and not from the situations that Kovalic creates. I tip my hat to Kovalic for finding his way and turning a book that was already a steady delight into something just a bit more. Grade: A

Color me quietly happy.


And what can THESE be…?

Check HERE to find out the answer to this, and other, mysteries…

Me? I’m just glad the Dark Hallfling looks like she’s right out of “Smurfettes Gone Wild”…


I never got over jetlag in London, and it’s still not done with me back home, in Madison.

But the days are longer, if colder, and we’ve finally got our Christmas Tree up.

Comics should start again over at the web site very soon. Today, in fact.

Lots of work is getting done. And soon…VERY soon…the days will start getting longer again.

And (presumably) eventually, jetlag will stop playing Whack A Mole with my psyche.

In the meantime, here’s how work’s progressing on another game that I cannot WAIT to hold in my hands (not the style most people associate with me…but I’m happy with it):

Peas, out,



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