Pies, Chavs and Bucks

Jetlag is VERY weird this trip. Not sure why I’ve yet to be able to break it. Indeed, it’s doing a darn fine job of breaking me.


My dad continues to do GREAT. Thanks for all the well-wishes.


London seems Pie mad. There are gourmet pies, square pies, Cornish pasties…every corner you turn, it’s pies. Even the traditional Eel and Pie shop round the corner from my sister’s place in Southwark now does veggie pies.

No word on veggie eels, as of yet.


If the bookstores here are anything too judge by, Chavs are also big. Big, big, big.

What’s a “Chav,” and why has this phenomenon popped up, like, EVERYWHERE in the scant three months since I was last here?


I’m so out of touch, as far as my homeland’s pop culture is concerned.

Watched the remake of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and:

(a) Felt oldddddddd…(though not as old as Bob Geldof LOOKS, thank goodness).

(b) Spent the entire time saying “Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s THAT? Who are THEY? Who’s that? Who’s that?…”


Not getting to see nearly as many people as I’d have liked to, between the work and the jetlag (and the pies and the chavs). But the work is going VERY well, and I’m thrilled at how Dork Tower 30 is turning out. With luck, it goes to press next week. But after the big, big DT 29, I’m just pleased as punch at how delightful DT 30 seems to be turning out, at least as far as I’m concerned.

Really, I think this will be a sweet, special issue. Fingers crossed…


There’s much that I want in London, but little that I need, so this is good, because the US Dollar is currently worth something like tuppence ha’penny.

Although on the black market, I hear it’s going for thruppence.

Hence pies cost about $3,752.26.


At some point my DragonMeet report WILL come. But there were no pies or chavs. Just tons of great folks that I met.


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(Mushy) peas, out,



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