Dragonmeet/ Dorkstock UK



Two things learned: Dorkstock organizer Slev does not take praise well, but he he SHOULD. He did a MAGNIFICENT job organizing Dork Stock UK II. Holy cow.

Along with Jinnie’s help, this was a day to remember. Met up with a ton of LJ users (thanks for introducing yourselves, everyone), and sold out of the Dorkstock T-shirts, Carson and Gilly cloisonee pins, “Creatures and Cultists” and “My Dwarves Fly.” (Which looks MAGNIFICENT, by the way. This game has really nice components. I’d read GREAT things about it, though this is the first time I’ve actually SEEN it…) Even had some beers (though no lunch).

I’m exhausted, but frankly not nearaly as much as Slev probably is.

So, in brief…


I’ll try and report more as soon as the jetlag gets better and I spend some time recovering.

And did I mention Slev did an amazing job?

Slev, Jinnie…THANK YOU!


Sleep…more sleep…



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