Weird Mood Friday

It’s less than a week to my birthday (the 24th, thanks for asking), and I’m thinking of just not doing anything.

What I want to do is have my entire group of friends over for a fab time. But said group has kind of been spiralling away from one another like the arms of a galaxy.

Friends A and B have divorced. Believe it or not, that’s the LEAST of the problems, since:

Friends C and D can’t be in the same room as one another, and

Friend C can’t be in the same room as Friend E, while

Friend F can’t be in the same room as friend D

I love all my friends, but since it will take a major feat of algebra (and perhaps even a touch of calculus, to say nothing of a wing and a prayer) to try and find out what sets and subsets can peacefully coexist, and on what planes, I think it would just be easier to become very, very glum about the whole state of affairs, and forget it all.

It’s been a long few weeks and I’m just overly tired.

I am just SO tremendously happy that I have Judith in my life.


I’m just sayin’, is all


Here’s my deal with the Patriot Act.

How BAD does a piece of legislation have to be to need the word “Patriot” tacked on to it, to sell the thing?

Take Funyuns, for example.

Funyuns have (IMHO, of course, as always) just GOT to be the lamest snack food in the world, simply because they feel the need to throw the word “Fun” in the name.

Think about it: how lame is ANY snack food that feels the need to INSIST it’s fun? IT’S JUNK FOOD! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN BY DEFAULT!

In much the same way, those super-mini micro candy bars that (these days) pass as Halloween treats are labelled “Fun Size.”

They’re NOT fun. They’re SMALLER. FUN would be bigger. FUN would be a Snickers bar the size of a Buick.

Now THAT’s fun!

The Patriot Act: The Funyuns of federal legislation.


A really talented guy on my LiveJournal friends list is going through some hard times.

Let’s face it: LOTS of people are.

If anyone’s feeling in the mood, and if anyone’s doing better than expected, I’m sure some small tokens of Dorky goodwill would be deeply appreciated.



By .

Mugs and cards now available!


Remember that “Leisure Suit Larry” cartoon I did, a few weeks ago?

Well, because of it, THIS invitation came from the studio that produced the game:

…this week just keeps getting weirder and weirder…still…

BEHOLD, the Power of Cheese Cartooning.


Peas on Earth!



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