Something new, something new!

Dork Tower 29 if off the presses and in my hands!

It should be in stores SOON!

I’m tremendously happy wiith how it turned out, and I can’t wait for reader reaction!

OK. Back to work after this brief messsage…


DSS 2902
Dr Blink: Superhero Shrink #2
First Printing
32 Pages, color $3.49
ISBN 1-930964-64-1
Written by John Kovalic
Pencilled and Inked by Christopher Jones, colors by Melissa Kaercher
Cover by Christopher Jones
Shipping March, 2005

Jimmy Hogan has a problem – he’s a washed-up, middle-aged ex-childhood superhero sidekick. But nobody cares about a Wonderboy who’s 35, balding and pot-bellied anymore. Time to call Dr. Blink, the Supers’ shrink! By Dork Tower’s John Kovalic and Batman Chris Jones! Included: excerpts from the Dr. Blink bestseller, “Chicken Soup for the Super Soul”!


DSP 031
Dork Tower 31: IGORCON, Part 1
First Printing
32 Pages, B/W $2.99
ISBN 1-930964-83-8
Written, pencilled and inked by John Kovalic
Cover by John Kovalic
Shipping February, 2005

It’s MUDCON, the three happiest days in gaming…unless you’ve been roped into organizing this local convention! Will the con kill Igor, or will Igor kill the con? With special guest-star, Wil Wheaton! PLUS: Snapdragons by Kovalic and Rathke, Dr. Blinlk: Superhero Shrink by Kovalic and Jones, and Lethargic Lad by Hyland! “A MUST-READ!” – Comics Buyer’s Guide.


Dork Storm Press


Madison, WI — Dork Storm Press announced Monday that its latest title, “Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink” would be published in color beginning with issue #1.

“I’m tremendously excited about this,” said series creator John Kovalic. “On the heels of the Issue 0 sampler last summer, orders were strong enough for us to give this a shot. And, frankly, Chris’ artwork deserves to be in color.”

Colorist Melissa Kaercher will join Kovalic and artist Christopher Jones on the Dr. Blink creative team.

While there will be a slight price increase for issue #2, issue #1 will remain at $2.99, the price it was solicited at. Originally scheduled for October, Issue #1 will ship in December due to the extra time in coloring the book.

Following that, Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink will be on a bimonthly schedule.

“This is all new for us,” said Kovalic. “So I’ve got my fingers crossed. Reader reaction to issue #0 was tremendous, and Chris, Melissa and I want to do the very best work we can on this.”



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