Maybe all I need is a shot in the arm…

“The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.”

– JOHN ASHCROFT, the attorney general, in his resignation


Mission accomplished?

But…but they told us theere were WOLVES after us!


Working. LOTS of work.

Thanks to everyone for posting their Reasons To Be Cheerful on my blog. And TONS of thanks to for helping with some critical pages of Dork Side of the Goon. It turned out to be the largest Dork Tower trade paperback ever, at 176 pages.

And it’s done. And at press.

I think it looks pretty spiffy, but now my wrists hurt from the page layouts, and I think I’m slightly cross-eyed from pulling the book together.

I wasn’t cosmically unhappy over the weekend from the extra project – just Common-Or-Garden peeved at a ton more work. I do feel like the luckiest guy on Earth. But I’m sure everyone’s had weeks like this.

Dorkstock III rocked. Updates as soon as I come up for air, work-wise. Maybe even musings on the Aurora Borealis that lit up the Wisconsin sky Sunday night, and the Barn Owl that let its presence be known in the backyard Monday night, and the Halo II action Tuesday night.

But for now…work.

Unfortunately, it looks like the web strips will only be Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Because…did I mention…work…?


PS: Help keep my kitties in kibble. Bug your local comic and games stores for Dork Tower 29 (which ships next week, I believe) and Dork Side of the Goon.

Two album references in two covers this month was NOT intentional. But conngrats to the only person so far who recognized what DT 29 is based on…


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