Not Much, You?

You can cut the tension I’m feeling with a knife. Pluck it, and I believe it’s C sharp.

It’s been a freaky weird series of days. Halloween stuff to report, but I need to make sure I write it well. Fab, fantastic, fun, horrific, nightmarish. It’s some story.

And by the way…

Get out the vote!

Get out the VOTE!


If I seem pumped, it’s because some good news today got my mind off of the insanity, if only temporarily.

The dead-tree version of November’s Psychology Today just came out, with a terrific mention of Dr. Blink, as well as the full-page Green Sparrow cartoon, in FULL COLOR!

And Games Magazine came out. Not ONLY did the FANTASTIC Dork Tower boardgame make its famous “Games 100”: list, BUT…

So did my “Whad’Ya Know” game!

I’m still shell-shocked. It will take time to sink in. But there, under their “Party Games” list, sits “Whad’Ya Know: Designer, John Kovalic.”

I’m stunned.

I’m just stunned.

And, for the moment, anyway, very, VERY happy!

I’m grabbin’ some WINE!

Peas, out,



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