Multi-Media Monday

Lotsa work to do before flying to Finland this Wednesday. With connections and layovers and everything, Judith and I have almost 24 hours of travel ahead of us, but we’re both amazingly excited about going to RopeCon.

My only regret is that we didn’t have more time there. I’d have loved to arrange a trip up to Lapland, and another to St. Petersburg (one day I will visit Russia!). As it is, we’re trying for a day-trip to Riga, if at all possible. But mostly, just being in Finland is exceptionally cool. Many thanks to the Ropecon organizers who are making this all possible!

But, um, yeah, I’ll be working a couple of VERY long days before flying out.

So it looks like the web cartoons up at will be updated Tuesdays and Thursdays for the forseeable future, I fear. With luck, by mid-August, I may be able to get back to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. Fingers crossed.

I’ve got a ton of ideas, and not having the time to draw them all is pretty frustrating, actually…

Lordy, one day I’d love to do this daily.


Coolest surprise EVAR, yo:

At KublaCon, Doug “Opus” Lanford showed me something he had created…

A Dork Tower Game for the Freaking Gameboy Advance!

“Dork Tower: A Dorky Dungeon starring Topdek the Dwarf” just blew me away, and really made my whole con.

Even better…the download is free. So if you have either a Gameboy Advance or a Gameboy emulator, check out the first Dork Tower video game EVAR! (Did I mention “yo”?)

I mean, now I have to buy a Game Boy Advance!

All hail Opus! All hail Opus!


I received my copy of the “UberGoober” DVD the other day, and spent Friday night watching it with the Lovely and Talented Judith and Our Dear Friend Meg.

I must say, it was enjoyable. Meg, who’s been on several Film Festival committees, and Judith, a film buff, are probably a tougher than average crowd to please, but both came away from the experience having enjoyed it.

Dork Tower is used a fair bit in the documentary, and I’m quoted quite a bit (old hair style, old hair color, old goatee – Judith “didn’t we throw that shirt you’re wearing away years ago?”), but I think I came off OK. If I seem deliberate and pensive on-screen, that’s just to avoid looking like a total dweeb.

Anyhoo, I was surprised to see I also made the trailer for the movie. Check it out in the “downloads” section of the movie’s web site.


Lotsa people are saying they saw Carson in the Queer As Folk comic shop.

If anyone can get a screen capture of a shot with Michael (the store owner) and the Carson pic behind him, I’d appreciate that…


On “Supersize This”:

Ronald McDonald doesn’t give a damn about you. Neither does that little minx Wendy or any of the other icons of drivethroughdom. And you know what, they’re not supposed to.
– Food Geek Guru Alton Brown

I couldn’t have put it better myself. At least not without the use of cartoon muskrats…



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