Win Stuff!

OK. As seems to be my lot, I’m juggling far too many projects. Again.

Still, some of them are going quite nicely.

I’m finishing up MYSTERY PROJECT “A.” for example.

I’m VERY happy with it.

So, here’s where YOU come in.

Here are three cards from MYSTERY PROJECT “A.”

Can you name:

(a) What upcoming project these are from?

(b) What the titles of these cards might be?

The person who comes closet to what these are (or represent, as far as game-play goes) will get a signed copy of the latest Dork Tower trade paperpack, “1d6 Degrees of Separation” as well as THE VERY FIRST signed copy of the product, when it is released.

Time limits? I dunno. Shall we say by Friday, 5 pm Central Standard Time?


ONE: All answers must be posted AFTER MY LIVEJOURNAL ENTRY concerning this topic (in the “leave a comment” section of the entry) by Friday, April 23, 5 pm Central Standard Time. Please don’t e-mail anything to me on this. My Spam filters are acting weird enough already. Oy.

TWO: One answer may be posted per person per day. The winner is the person who, in my opinion, got closest to the name of the project AND the name of the three cards soonest. But since this is in my opinion, it could get a bit subjective. No whining.

THREE: Oh, yeah…employees of Steve Jackson Games, Out of the Box Games, or such folks should probably not be taking part in this. (And anyhoo, we can always exchange massive bulging bags of swag, errr, “swap for product” anytime you want).

FOUR: This is all in fun, don’t take it super-seriously, I just wanna see if this kinda thing works, and if people would like to this kinda thing more often in the future. But I reserve the right to make up more rules for this competition if at some point in time I think I may have missed something important.

So here are the cards:

Card 1:

Card 2:

Card 3:

Play nicely!



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