Kaffee un Kuchen!

Holy freaking muskrats!

Judith and I are in Prague, winding our way back to London, ABSOLUTELY blown away by Vienna Fanntasy Gaming Convention 2004.

EVERYBODY in Vienna was fantastic, and it was a HUGE turnout for a new con. There were SEVERAL hundreds of people there, lots of retailers, and I did almost five straight hours of signings (I had an interview and a meeting that gave me brief breaks). My wrist is still sore!

Fans brought coffee and kuchen, Belgian beers, cheeses and chocolates, just lots and LOTS of wonderful (if unnnecessary) ppresents! Thank you all SO much! It was amazing, exhausting, and very, very gratifying.I even had to do a Dork Tower mural on the walls of the lovely couple that hosted us, which was just fabulously fun, if nerve-racking (Julia and Clemens have a LOVELY apartment, and I sure didn’t want to mess it up).

A full report should come soon. But annyhoo, I’m back on e-mail, today’s Dork Tower is done and up on the Dork Tower home page (and should be on the LiveJournal dorktowerfeed soon).

If anyone has any photos from the con, please e-mail them to me. I won’t be able to get mine online until I’m back stateside (I forgot to bring the connector for Muskrat IV, my trusty laptop).

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Planet Harry, a GREAT store in Vienna, for flying us over!

Just blown away,



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