Little Mascara

I spent far too much money on CDs yesterday, picking up the soundtrack to “The Tao of Steve,” a couple of discs from my college days (The Replacements’ “Let It Be” and “Tim”) and one of the many new monosyllabic plural bands (The Strokes, The Vines, The Hives, etc., etc.) out there: The Shins with “Chutes Too Narrow.” I should NEVER listen to CDs when a store offers a listening station. I grab far too much stuff that way.

The Monosyllabic Plurals. Now THERE’S a name for a band!

(Speaking of which, can ANYBODY from Britain tell me why the Boomtown Rats’ “The Fine Art of Surfacing” isn’t available on CD yet? Weird. That was one of my favorite albums in school…)

The great folks at KublaKon asked me to design an enamel pin for them this year “in your style.” I think the result is a little more Munchkin-y than Dork Tower-y, but I believe it works.

If nothing else, it’s a good reminder to me to break out my 15 mm Mongols and touch them up a bit. Right now, I’m repainting and basing my Games Workshop Man-O-War fleets. I’ve so many miniature armies to get into shape, it’s not funny.

I also need to design a T-Shirt for the Vienna Fantasy Gaming Convention April 4. With GAMA next week, and Vienna soon after, the con season is bearing down with full force. So maybe I just need to get any ideas about finishing off my French 1939 15 mm forces off (anyone else think the Flames of War system looks super cool?), or even basing my 25 mm British Home Guard…

Oh, well. As they say in Vienna, “HUZZAH! JOHN KOVALIC KOMMT! – Nicht ohne Stolz und voller Freude dürfen wir offiziell verkünden, dass Mr. John “Dork Tower” Kovalic die Einladung angenommen hat und am 04.04.2004 als Planet Harry Guest of Honor bei der ersten VIENNA FANTASY GAMING CONVENTION mit dabei sein wird! Also legt schon mal eure Dork Tower Hefte, Munchkin Karten und sonstigen Schätze bereit um sie vom Meister signieren zu lassen :).”

I think that means “That weird muskrat guy is coming! Leave town NOW!” but I’m not entirely sure…

While we’re talking about muskrats, I made sure today’s Dork Tower was up on time today. Disturbingly, nobody noticed that for six hours there, panels three and four were transposed. I suppose the ‘toon still made some kind of sense. That’s what I get for finishing off a cartoon at 11 pm. Oh, well. One of these days, maybe I’ll just run the panels in random order.



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