Creatures and Cartoonists

“What’s that you say below, John? You did the art for the new edition of “Creatures and Cultists”?”

Why, yes…yes I did, thanks for asking.

The art’s all done, and the game is in layout. I’d expect it to be available sometime this summer.

Here is the info from Eos Press:

The legendary Furiously Fuggly card game is back! Pit your Cthulhu cult against the competition in a bloodthirsty battle of guns, spells, monsters, and the fearsome Big Honkin’ Truck. Blast away at the enemy cultists, torment them with sinister magics, or summon monsters to do your bidding — even Great Cthulhu himself. When the stars come right, you can prove who is the most nefarious cult of all.

Designed by Jeff Barber and John Tynes, CREATURES & CULTISTS has been out of print for years. Its fame as one of the gooniest, most squamous and batrachian beer-and-pretzels card games ever produced has only grown while it was not dead but dreaming. Now we’re bringing it back better than ever with art by John Kovalic!

Creatures and Cultists is a 128 card deck suitable for 3-5 players. For the new edition, the cards are now high-quality with new art, with six-sided dice included. Playsheets will also be available for free from our Downloads page!

Check back for the Creatures and Cultists art gallery — Coming soon!

Creatures and Cultists
card game
Retail Price: $14.95
Stock #: EOS 5002
ISBN: 0-9710642-3-7

Now, not ALL the cards have art on them (they can be pretty text-heavy), and some have multiples. My guess is half the cards have art on ’em. But all in all, I’m happy with how they turned out.

Here’s a sample of the new card layouts, and some card art from the game itself:

Tommy Gun and Wicked Blade:

Combat Boots and Dimensional Shambler:

Yugg and Shoggoth:

Cthugha and Suck The President’s Brain:

Haunter of the Dark and Deep One:

And by the way, the Eos guys have been GREAT to work with! It was a truly fun project! Creatures and Cultists (in both its previous, hard-to-find forms) ia a super, hilarious, fun game that deserves its status as a classic. I was really thrilled to be asked to illustrate the third edition




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