Say "Chez!"

Quick note: Wednesday’s carttoon WILL be up, but probably not until late afternoon…

In other news, the lovely and talented Judith and I just installed WiFi in our house.

On the minus side, our phones have been down for a couple of days now.

Technologically speaking, I guess you can call that a wash…

On the plus side, Chez Goth is, apparently, off to press. And it’s full of lots of Dork Tower-y goodness!

On the night of the Warpcon Charity Auction , people asked me if I was happy that three AMAZINGLY generous folks bid almost $2,000 each to be drawn as a Chez Goth card. My honest reply was no, I was PETRIFIED, because these had to be the best cards I’d EVER done, given those donation levels!

Well, they may not be the best cards I’ve ever done, but I’m finally pretty happy with how they turned out! I think, given my style, I managed to capture something of each person on the card, which was my goal, after all.

So, here are the three victims — uh, DONORS! I meant DONORS!

Each was allowed to pick which card they wanted to appear on. So don’t yell at me for THAT. (Actually, I was shocked that Howard didn’t choose the “Can’t Find Clothes” card…)

Howard Samuel (“Graveyard Shift” card)

Emma Ryan (“Can’t Find Clothes” card)

Aurelie Trombetta (“Faint Dramatically” card)

And just because I like these cards, here are a few more samples from the game:

Significant Other Dies Tragically card

How Frickin’ Tragic card

Significant Other card



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