Lord of the Drinks

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Long pause.

(John strains to hear if there’s any laughter).




So. Here are the rules to Matt’s Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Oscar Night Drinking Game.

Matt’s Lord of the Rings: The return of the King Oscar Night Drinking Game

1) When Lord of the Rings wins any category, roll 1d20, and drink.

2) If anybody mentions New Zealand in their acceptance speech, make it a double.

Random Drink Table (VERY losely based on the latest edition of the Sauce Guide to Cocktails, an utterly brilliant book that anyone with even a moderate interest in mixology should rush out and own).

1 – Sex on the Beach-head of Osgilliath

2 – Eomir-tini

3 – White City Russian

4 – Bora Boromir

5 – Rohan Libre

6 – Shire-ly Temple

7 – Sharkey Bite

8 – Mojitom Bombadil

9 – Saurumanhattan

10 – Vodka Mortensen

11 – Gon-Dorian Gray

12 – Gimly Gimlet

13 – Black Gate Russian

14 – Long Island Iced Treebeard

15 – Whiskey Sauron

16 – Return of the Kir

17 – Bal-lini-rog

18 – Cos-Moria-politan

19 – The All-Seeing Eye-rish Coffee

20 – Slow Confortable Screw Against the Wall While Smooching an Elven Princess With the One Ring While Battling the Forces of Evil



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