Goth Month!

First off, it looks like today’s DORK TOWER will be delayed, due to a last-minute Out of the Box Games emergency that had to be handled before most of the company runs off to the New York Toy and Game Fair.

I won’t be there this year, which bites, because I had a great time in New York. But I’ve got a ton of work to do, and I do NOT want to fall behind on deadlines like I did last year.

When the paying gigs call, I fear the web strip has to get pushed back. But it should be up later today or tomorrow. Along with an update on all the COOL new games Out of the Box is coming out with!

HOWEVER, I just got something really cool in.

You know John Van Fleet, the GREAT artist, best known (in gaming circles, at any rate) for his Vampire: The Masquerade books?

Right. HIM.


…just LOOK what he’s contributed to Dork Tower 27 (which goes to press March 10).

I am so utterly thrilled by this, I just don’t have any words…beyond “gaaaaaaah,” at any rate.

Or maybe, “Glee!”



PS. Phil Masters (he of “Clanbook: Perky” fame) wrote the eight-page “Clanbook Mopey” supplement as well! It is a HOOT! Plus, lots of Walden and Gilly in Dork Tower 27. I think this is turning into Goth Month for me.


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