London Calling


I’m here in London, staying with my sister after warpcon (some HUGE news from there, by the way…tune in tomorrow…), and for the most part, I’ve been finishing up a ton of work.

Part of this is sending a lot of images back across the Atlantic. To do so, I’ve been lugging my trusty Mac Powerbook all over town, looking for decent high-speed connections. There was a sweatshop-like space off of Tottenham Court Road that was as cramped as it was ugly.

Anyway, like I said, I’ve been trudging down there on a daily basis. Not fun. But today, here at my sister’s place, I accidentally opened up my Internet Browser and…ta-dah! Apparently she lives close to a Wi-Fi Hot Spot.

Bye-bye, Tottenham Court Road sweatshop! Hello, 21st century!

ANYhoo, I went to see The Pirates of Penzance last night, thanks to the half-price ticket booth at Leicester Square. Anthony Head played the Pirate King. So I managed to meet him, and get his autograph for The Lovely and Talented Judith.

He was gracious and charming to the dozen or so fans who were waiting outside the stage door, and even signed a birthday card for somebody (a cool idea), as well as a jar of instant coffee (a VERY cool idea, for people who know his previous commercial appearances).

But mostly, this is a work week. I’ve got a ton of stuff to finish off, so I’ll be seeing more of the drawing table than Downing Street.



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