Mardi Paws!

Ack! Bad work day yesterday. Everything seemed to take twice or thrice as long as it should have. Game illustrations, comic strips for various magazines, the usual. I finally finished around midnight, then went out for a drink with my friend Dory just to get out of the office. That’s why the strip promised yesterday is only just now online. Sorry.

Anyway, this year I’m trying to do more work for charities, and I’m helping the Dane County Humane Society with some artwork, logos, etc., right now. I really like working with animal charities. One day I’ll write about how I helped rescue a gerbil, a cat and this freaking HUGE snapping turtle last year (not all at the same time, of course).

Other charities I’d like to donate time, work and money (gasp!) to are Alzheimer’s, cancer and Down’s syndrome-based organizations.

The first DCHS event I’m helping with is called Mardi Paws (Feb. 21). So above is the logo I did for it. DCHS should have a web page up for Mardi Paws soon. The event will center around getting your cat spayed for $5, or neutered for $10.

A lot of cats are gonna hate me soon, but it is the right thing to do!

Sorry, kitties.



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