DORK happens…


I just found out that Dork Tower 25 has a small misprint: A two-page comic from Dork Tower 24 was included by mistake in Dork Tower 25.

It’s a shame this happened with Dork Tower 25, since I’m really proud of ALL the fun stuff in this issue. But I went a bit cross-eyed trying to proof all 96 pages and get them off to press. And this was the result.

I really hate when this kind of thing happens (one page in the “Understanding Gamers” comic was printed twice, as well). It just looks bad, and is completely inadvertent.

With luck, there are things in the works that should give me more time to catch these kinds of mistakes. But in the meantime, I’ll throw in some extra Dork Tower comics when DT 27 goes to press, to make this up to everyone!



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