Yo! Slacker!

OK, OK….I admit it…I’ve been a bit busy…again.

Dorkstock II’s come and gone and was a blast. In the mean time, Dork Tower 25 has come back from the printer, and is shipping now. Add to that the fact that the Dork Tower Clicky Special will be shipping next week, Dork Tower 26 is AT press, and the new trade paperback, “1d6 Degrees of Separation,” is well on its way to shipping.

Livin’ La Vida Dorka and Heart of Dorkness are also getting reprinted, and should be availabe again SOON (although I believe a very few can still be found at the online store…). In fact, when La Vida is back at press, it will be changed to “The Collected Dork Tower IV.” (Some people found having a separate series for the comic strips and comic books confusing).

So all Dork Tower trades will all be one easy-to-follow- line:

Dork Covenant – 1

Dork Shadows – 2

Heart of Dorkness – 3

Livin’ La Vida Dorka – 4

Understanding Gamers – 5

1d6 Degrees of Separation – 6
(we’ll be linking this for preorders to the online store soon…in a day or two, I’d guess…)

There are also a ton of new Out of the Box games that are shipping (my favorites are Fish Eat Fish and Ten Days in Africa), and of course I’m always working on new stuff, like Cloud 9, Tutenkhamun and Snorta. To say nothing of Whad’Ya Know, the party game I designed for Out of the Box. On top of that there are projects like Star Munchkin II, Creatures and Cultists, and, of course, the monthly Dork Tower comics for Dragon, Scrye and Games Magazine, as well as fortnightly Dork Tower strips for Wiz Kids and Pyramid.

New strips should be up here by this coming Friday or Monday. But nevertheless, there’s a LOT of stuff coming down the pike from me soon!

Like, maybe, what’s promised the banner below. Click it and see. Grin.

— John


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