Original Art on E-bay!

Holy cow, there’s a ton of stuff going on over here at Muskrat Central.

For a start, I’ve still got to get reports done on ALL the conventions this year. I’ve shamefully neglected any write-ups of Warpcon, the New York Toy Fair, GAMA and Oddcon. They were all wildly successful, a ton of fun, and I’ll have brief snippets on all of them soon.

The last few months have been busy as heck, and I’m so swamped with work that I’ve even had to pull out of GenCon Europe, which pains me amazingly. I hope I’ll be back over in Europe soon. But for the moment, it looks as if I’ve got almost three months to just be home in Madison, working, and that makes me outrageously happy.

It’s been years since I’ve had three months home, and in this period, I want to get a ton of work done. There are some huge projects in the works, and comic books and comic strips to be cranked out in between it all.

In part, the workload has been why Muskrat Ramblings have been so few and far between. At some point, it simply became too daunting to try and capsule it all up into one humongous e-mail. So what I’ll try doing for a while is to post Muskrat Ramblings weekly, or twice weekly, until everything is caught up.

In the mean time, there is an important item to get out right NOW!

Kevin Beyer, a good friend of Dork Tower and a founding member of the Army of Dorkness, is forced to sell parts of his collection of comic art. Among these is an original Dork Tower page going for a bargain price! The auction ends tonight!

The piece can be seen at:


As Kevin says: “I wish I didn’t have to part with this page, but financial constraints require that I do so! The opening bid is what I paid to acquire the artwork. It can be yours for the same price. How can you go wrong? Page 1 from the book that features the first appearance of Gilly, the Perky Goth?! “Huzzah! It must be MINE!!” …er, wait. Ok, that is what I said originally when I bought it…. “Huzzah! It should be YOURS!!””

Kevin’s a GREAT guy, and this is one of my favorite Dork tower pages. So bid high and bid often! Right now, it’s a bargain at only $60!



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