Dorkstock UK, Ho!

Life’s crazy again.

Dork Tower #21, the Dork Tower Lord of the Rings Special and the third printing of Dork Shadows have all just gone to press.

Dork Tower #21 is what I’m calling the Nervous Breakdown Issue, mostly because life here’s been insane what with one thing and another these last six to eight weeks. It’s also the first Dork Tower that’s been late this year. Dork Tower #22 (“Heeere’s Carson”) should be hot on its heels, however, putting everything back on track.

In the meantime, I’m amazed that I managed to keep up the convention schedule, while producing two Dork Tower trade paperbacks, six Dork Tower comic books, two SnapDragons comic books, one Dork Tower special, and a ton of great games this year.

So I’ll probably be sleeping on the plane to London and this coming Saturday’s DRAGONMEET, the coolest one-day show I’ve ever been to!

Did I mention Dragonmeet was also home to DORKSTOCK UK? Yes, come and help me celebrate my 40th birthday with tons of Dorky events scheduled!

The brief rundown of events includes:

0800 – Army Of Dorkness Queen’s Royal Huzzah!s English breakfast. This is the first-ever Dork Tower breakfast held in the Europe. Those of you familiar with the US event at GenCon will know just how fun this can be. It will be at the The New Picadilly. Click on this link for a map of the area.

1000 – Doors open. John starts signing. DORK TOWER TRIVIA quiz sheets available. Sign-up opens.

1015 – Beat John at Blink

1100 – The First European Chez Greek Chamionship. One hour 6 Players.

1115 – Beat John at Blink.

1200 – BERPS Warhamster Roleplay with pre-gen characters. up to eight players. One hour. Gain a level for free if you’re in appropreate costume 🙂

1215 – Beat John at Blink.

1300 – British Chez Geek Championships

1315 – Beat John at Blink.

1400 – Last chance to hand in quiz sheets!

1415 – Beat John at Blink.

1500 – Munchkin!

1515 – Beat John at Blink.

1530 – John finishes signing? With luck…

1535 – Blink playoffs (if tied).

1540 – Igor Bar Bake Off – entry deadline

1600 – John’s seminar. Everything You Wanted To Know About Dork Tower But Were Afraid To Ask!

1715 – Igor Bar Bakeoff judging.

1800 – DT live reading, Fancy Dress competition, Igor Bar results, prize giving.

1900 – CHARITY AUCTION: Featuring Igor Bars, John’s special MUSKRAT PORTER home brew, a pre-release copy of Dork Tower 21, and lots more!

There’ll be lots of pick up games of all the Out of the Box, Jolly Roger Games and Steve Jackson Games favorites, and a splendid time is sure to be had by all! And did we mantion REALLY cool prizes throughout the day?

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