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Hey, All!

I’m furiously at work on a new Muskrat Ramblings (at last), and
there’s a LOT to talk about. Not least of which are the new games
that are finished, SnapDragons #1 that’s in stores now, the French
version of Dork Covenant, the Dorkstock line-up (My LAST American appearance of the year! Come to Rockford!
Come to Rock Con and Dorkstock! Party with us! Just announced: the
Chez Dork North American Championships will be held there) and my
extended appearance at the Essen Games Show in Germany this year
(just added: a Sunday signing).

There are new cartoons up on the website (Friday’s will be late, I
fear, but it should be up by Saturday morning). And here’s a sneak peek at the cover for SnapDragons #3! As usual, Liz has done an OUTSTANDING job on it! And guess who turns up as the kids’ babysitter? Grin.

However, what I *really* want to do now is to plug Paul Curreri

Paul’s one of the most brilliant young guitarists I’ve seen in a LONG
time, and a magnetic performer to boot. I’m not really into
bluegrass/country blues, but I caught a show of his in Madison by
accident, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen as explosive
or compelling a performer.

I made sure to check out his most recent return to Madison, and now
he’s on tour across the country. One review called him “a ruffled
gypsy gutter cowboy … a true life adventure – a bright new voice,”
and I’d have a hard time agreeing more.

If Paul’s playing in a city near you, you HAVE to check out his show.

Here’s Paul’s newsletter, listing his dates. GO! And say hi from me.


Hello everyone,
The “Make A Living Tour” continues. Andy Friedman, author of “Drawings and
Other Failures” and founder of City Salvage Records, and I are hitting the
road again. The shows have long since swerved away from the olden days,
away from the diner conversation and microphone web. Quite simply, we two
now take the stage separately and independently — Andy with his live show,
and I with mine. These shows have been a blast so far, with stops ranging
everywhere from theaters to bowling alleys to gas station garages, and man,
I’m looking forward to this run.

And yes, this run. Following a couple of my gigs with Kelly Joe Phelps
(, Andy and I will be making quite a few stops —
Colorado, New York, Virginia, Atlanta, Michigan, and more. So have a look
to see if we’ll be in your area. And if no, as always, ring your pals if
we’re swinging their way.

See you soon, and hope everyone’s just fine,


Here’s the low-down, so do mark the calendars:

Sun, Sept 22, Durango Art Center, PCurreri w/ KJPhelps. DURANGO, CO.
970-259-2606 8pm

Wed, Sept 25, Steam Plant Theater, PCurreri w/ KJPhelps. SALIDA, CO.
719-530-0456 7:30pm

Thu, Sept 26, Boulder Contemporary Museum of Art. BOULDER, CO.
303-443-2122. 8pm.

Sat, Sept 28, The Bug Theatre. DENVER, CO. 303-477-9984. 8pm.

Tue, Oct 1, Bowery Poetry Club. NEW YORK, NY. 8pm.

Wed, Oct 2, Starr Hill Music Hall. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. w/guests Danny
Schmidt and Brady Earnhart. 8:30 pm.

Thu, Oct 3, Quiet Storm. PITTSBURGH, PA. 412-661-9355.

Sat, Oct 5, Monroe County Library. BLOOMINGTON, IN. 812-349-3050. 2pm

Sun, Oct 6, Kraftbrau Brewery. KALAMAZOO, MI. 269-384-0288.

Mon, Oct 7, The Rudyard Kipling. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. w/ Found Magazine’s
Davy Rothbart. 502-636-1311. 8PM

Tue, Oct 8, DeKalb County Library Auditorium/Georgia Center For The Book.
DECATUR, GA. 404-370-8450. 7pm

Wed, Oct 9, Peyton Place. WAVERLY, ALABAMA.

Thu, Oct 10, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI’s Thacker Mountain Radio. 5:30-6:30pm.

Sat, Oct 12, Cafe Stage at the Southern Festival of the Book. NASHVILLE,
TN. 11am.

Sun, Oct 13, Canal Street Tavern. DAYTON, OHIO. 937-461-9343.

As always, Paul Curreri’s debut disc,
“From Long Gones to Hawkmoth,” can be purchased
at and
Andy Friedman’s “Drawings and Other Failures”
can be purchased at


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