Well, I’m back from two FABULOUS days at San Diego! Thanks to
EVERYONE who made it such a mad, magnificent success! The hour-long
signings I’d had scheduled turned into two hours. All in all, it was
a blast!

Now, on to GEN CON!

The DORK STORM BOOTH will be at 1051 and 1053. This is a very
different location from where we were last year, so you may need to
search for us for a bit. We’re on the right-hand side of the hall,
towards the rear.

There may be more updates later today, but so far, here’s what will
be going on Dork Tower-wise at Gen Con:

THURSDAY, August 8

11 am – 1 pm: John signing at the Dork Storm Booth (1051 and 1053)

FRIDAY, August 9

8 am-9am: Dork Storm Breakfast, the Copper Penny back room (Copper Penny
665 West Wisconsin Ave. (414) 276-3830) Come on over and meet John
Kovalic, Aaron Williams, Scott Kurtz and tons of other Dork Tower,
Nodwick, PvP and PS 238 fans, all over pancakes and coffee.

3 pm – 5 pm: John signing at the Dork Storm Booth (1051 and 1053), featuring:
4 – 5 pm John signing, with special guest Raven Mimura, Warhamster
artist, signing LIMITED EDITION WARHAMSTER POSTERS (from the cover of
Dork Tower # 12).

SATURDAY, August 10

1 pm – 3 pm: John signing at the Dork Storm Booth (1051 and 1053), featuring:
2:45 pm: The Great Igor Bar Bake Off Judging! Bring in your best Igor
Bars from 2-3:30 pm! Judging at 2:45 pm. Judges: Julie Haehn
(Cheapass Games), the Lovely and talented Judith, Scott Olman (the
real Igor) and others. Verdict pronounced at 3 pm.

What’s an Igor bar? see the recipe below (thanks for transcribing it,
Lori!) But the basic rule is: it needs a cookie-ish bottom layer, a
caramel-ish middle layer, and a Rice Krispie top. Than go crazy with
anything else. a *lot* of leeway in the rules will be given.

The chewier, the better! And yes, they HAVE to be edible. Edibility,
extremity and imagination are the three main judging criteria…

9 pm – ?: Dork Tower Mailing List gathering at the upstairs
florescent room at the Safe House. Come one, come all! Possible
Impromptu Dork stock 2002 planning committee meeting. John will
arrive late. (The start time is still a little up in the air…)

SUNDAY, August 11

11 am – 1 pm: John and Scott Olman, the real Igor, signing at the
Dork Storm Booth (1051 and 1053). With a special appearance by Paul
Wellner, the real Maxwell, and possibly even Bill Bodden, the real
Bill of Pegasaurus Games!


transcribed from Dork Tower #19, with notes added, by Lori Ann
Curley, Dorkstock
( coordinator.

For those who do not want to take your DT#19 to the grocery
store, here’s the Igor Bars recipe (I typed it into my PDA so I don’t
have to take my comic book to the grocery store):

Serves 1-8 (one gamer or 8 normals)

Ok, the pan-style cookie base is the easy part. Just make sure the
pan is well-greased and that it’s lined with wax paper (I recommend
parchment -L.)

Any chocolate chip bag has the recipe on it. You just need to make
sure that they’re chewy and not too dry when they’re done. (I’m going
to buy pre-fab cookie dough that comes in a tube. -L.)

While they’re cooling, you start preparing the caramel. you’ll need
about a hundred chunks and a
double boiler. Remember to add three teaspoons of milk to them as
they melt, or they’ll crystallize when they cool.

But before you pour the caramel over the pan-style cookie base
scatter a cup and a half of peanuts over it.

The caramel acts as the glue holding the cookie base to the rice
krispie treat topping. Use a full recipe (about six cups of rice
krispies). And press onto the caramel. Then melt 16 ounces of
semi-sweet chocolate using the double boiler, and spoon over the
bars. Top this with peanut M&Ms, toffee, or anything else you think
is excessive.

Let cool for half an hour, slice, and you get Igor Bars.

Rice Krispie Treats recipe:
3 tbsp margarine
1 10 oz package of regular sized marshmallows
6 c rice krispies
vegetable spray for pan

melt margarine and marshmallows over low heat til completely melted
remove from heat
stir in cereal until well coated
spread into 9×13 pan that is coated with cooking spray
when cool, cut into squares

Lori’s note: For those who have a microwave and no double boiler, I
recommend using the former instead of the latter. Just put whatever
you’re melting into a microwave-safe bowl, put the microwave on half
power (remember, the manual will tell you how to do this), and melt
for 30-60 seconds at a time. Take the bowl out and stir between
melting sessions. Repeat until you have the desired consistency.


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