Pardon me for a second, but…

Pardon me for a second, but…

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!

England One! Argentina Nil!


What does this have to do with Dork Tower?

Consider the following:

England, The United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland
and Brazil all either publish and/or translate Dork Tower, or have
had really cool cons that they’ve invited Dork Tower to.

France is STILL ALIVE in World Cup 2002, after not scoring a SINGLE
goal in their first two games! Halloween Concept (Paris) just signed
on to translate the comic books in French.

The Republic of Ireland is still alive after a literal last-minute
goal in their second game! The good Irish gamers flew us to one of
the coolest cons I’ve EVER been at (Warpcon) this year!

Spain is WAY exceeding expectations given past World Cup
performances. The first Spanish comic books came out this year, from
La Factoria De Ideas (Madrid).

On the other hand…

Saudi Arabia is the first country to be eliminated from the World Cup 2002.

Saudi Arabia does NOT translate or publish Dork Tower, nor did they
invite Dork Tower to a really cool convention. In fact, they have NO
Dork Tower connection at ALL. And they’re GONE.

Coincidence? YOU be the judge!

Dork Mojo. Make it work for YOU.


Dork Tower #18 is IN DA HOUSE! I think it looks really nice. It’s a
VERY different comic from the usual ones, and I’m really happy with

It should reach all distributors and even some stores next week. At
which time Dork Tower #19 goes to press.

Diamond’s initial orders for Snapdragons #1 came in. All I can say
is…WOW. It’s Dork Storm Press’ best-selling #1 ever! It goes to
press next week, and Liz and I are both now PETRIFIED. Ok, seriously.
We’re thrilled to bits. And we’re mad at work on issue #2…


When Megan Morrone (Tech TV’s The Screen Savers) e-mails you to let
you know there are problems with your web site, you KNOW something
has to be done about it.

Megan Knows All. Megan Sees All. Megan WILL be Obeyed.

OK, it’s been obvious to everybody that has
been bloody slow and/or traffic jammed to death for the last couple
of weeks. That’s because we’ve been getting between 1.5-2 million
(yes, *million*) hits a week, translating to around 200,000 unique

Our poor little piece of the server we’ve been using has been getting
migraines because of this. More annoyingly, it’s also meant that I
haven’t been able to get on to even update the cartoons in a timely
manner this week.

We’re looking into solutions now. A temporary one should be up soon
to ease the congestion. But we may have to buy our own server.

[Insert Web Mistress Comments]

We are trying to do a mirror site at gamespy, so check it out at

Please note that it is still being updated and there maybe some bugs to work out, so please be patient. Wow, I just can’t believe how many dorks there are out there! 😉

[End Web Mistress Comments]

We’ll see.


Quick convention news:


I’ll be at San Diego ComiCon Friday, August 2 and Saturday, August 3.
The Dork Storm Booth is being run by the fine folks at Adventure
retail, and will be there throughout the convention.

My signing times are 10 am on Friday and 10 am on Saturday. As soon
as I find out the booth location, I’ll let people know. Stop by and
say hi, though.


DORKSTOCK 2002 will take place at ROCK CON (Rockford, Il Oct. 12 and
13; It will be a convention within a
convention, so there will be LOTS of other stuff to do (as if hanging
around with other members of the Army of Dorkness, playing lots of
Chez Geek, Chez Dork, Apples to Apples, Munchkin and Warhamster
Rally, costume contests, prizes, trips to Beef-A-Roo and engaging in
Dork Tower Puppet Theater isn’t enough).

More details to follow. But it WILL be a blast, and full of Dorky Goodness.

Dorkstock may be a travelling con-within-a-con, so for 2003, it might
be nice to hold it somewhere on the East or West coast.

DRAGONMEET 2002 (London, November 30; )
looks like it will be the de facto Dorkstock Europe.

— John


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