There and Back Again

Wow. Am I really back in Madison?

And is Wednesday’s cartoon already up at ?

How quickly life returns to normal…

It was super meeting Army of Dorkness list members at the Dudley Bug Ball in Birmingham, England, last weekend! Ed Hogg (aka Colin Speairs) brought me an AMAZING selection of Scottish beers (and also secured me a nice Yorkshire brew called Rampant Gryphon), while Matthew Pook brought a tape of the BBC’s “Old Harry’s Game” that I’d been meaning to listen to. Both are now officially promoted to Supply Colonels. Grin. Cadbury’s Miniature Heroes were supplied in quantity by Harvey Mills.

Others (and PLEASE forgive me for not getting your names) brought some miniature selections of Mars candy (called Celebrations) that were lovely, and kept me going through a couple of fun days. Sales were strong, and everybody at the con was just fantastic. I also got to sample some Indian Balti cooking (at the Bombay Mix downtown), of which Birmingham is rightly famous for.

It was a blast, and meeting everybody was great.

Back in London, I hit the record stores, and came away with some dirt cheap CDs (“Kings of the Wild Frontier” – Adam and the Ants; “The Three EPs” – The Beta Band; “Word Gets Around” – Stereophonics; “Urban Hymns” – The Verve), as well as a fabulous Jam five-CD Box Set (“Direction Reaction Creation”) that pretty much means I’ve now got everything they ever put to tape (yay!) on CD, and brilliant new releases by Wilco (“Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”) and the Doves (“The Last Broadcast”).

Lots of work to be done here (I’ve got to get comics to Dragon Magazine, Scrye and Games Magazine today, then get hot on Dork Tower #19 and finishing off the “Heart of Dorkness” trade paperback…and that’s not even mentioning the cool Out of the Box games, as well as Star Munchkin and Munchkin D20), so I’ll get back to it.

So I’ll be hiding behind my drawing table for a while now. Which is OK, since that’s one of my favorite places on Earth…

MANY thanks again to the organizers of the Dudley Bug Ball for flying me out to Birmingham for the con. It’s a growing, fun convention, and should be even better next year!



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