Songs for Swinging Muskrats

Quick update: Dork Tower #18 should be out the door Friday. I think it will rock, and I think it’s NOT the comic you’ll be expecting given Dork Tower #17’s ending.

Now, on to new business.

OK. To answer the first question raised by Monday’s and Wednesday’s strips first, YES, I only just discovered iTunes last Sunday. I thank my friend Scott Bateman, he of the genius political cartoon bent, for showing me the true light. Within five minutes, I was creating my first compilation in, like, seven years. i used to LOVE making compilation tapes, but the process was time consuming, and I run out of time quickly, as most of you know. So my reaction to iTunes was pretty much Carson’s in Monday’s strip.

A second compilation CD is in the works. This is SO fun. Feel free to talk music on the Dork Tower message boards, by the way. I always love discovering great new music. And I’m thinking about calling Dork Tower #21 “September Gurl,” and Dork Tower #22 “20th Century Boy,” since they’ll revolve around Kayleigh and Matt, respectively…

Speaking of which, the new Elvis Costello CD (“When I Was Cruel”)is just AMAZING.

Second question (raised by viewing Wednesday’s strip…). No, I am NOT anti-PC, and in fact am in the process of looking for a good PC I can use as a dedicated ‘net/gaming machine. (If any companies out there can supply them for some kewl ad space, hey, did I tell you has been averaging 1.5 million hits a week recently? Grin).

All you PC users out there, all I can say is…wait ’til Friday’s strip.

In the mean time, I am reverting to Music Geek Status, and here is the first compilation CD I cut. My mix is eclectic, but I hope you enjoy it…

April 2002

The Drink Song – Supermodel

September Gurls – Big Star

20th Century Boy – T.Rex

Landslide – Smashing Pumpkins

L’Accord Parfait – Autour De Lucie

Naked Eye – Luscious Jackson

Judy Is A Punk – Ramones

Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s A Doll Revolution) – Elvis Costello

Getting Away With It – Electronic

Doin’ It Again – The Feelies

Keep Me Guessing – The Reivers

Downtime – Blake Babies

Cupid’s Toy – Squeeze

Invitation – The Feelies

What Matters – Matthew Sweet

Nobody Rides For Free – Grant Hart

Needle In The Hay – Elliott Smith

1979 – Smashing Pumpkins

The Wind – Cat Stevens

Pinball – Stereolab


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