Under pressure…

Hey. everyone,

I’ve got a few announcements that I have to rush out here, so please forgive any typos, lack of deft grammar, muskrats, etc…

1) DEADLINES, DEADLINES, DEADLINES: Sorry there was no cartoon Wednesday. Today’s cartoon is finally up. It’s been a VERY busy week. GAMA (The Game Manufacturer’s Association meeting in Las Vegas) was harder last week than I thought it would be. Successful, but lots of work and little sleep. On the plus side, though I didn’t do any gambling, I DID find two quarters in a slot machine in the airport as I took a redeye flight out Thursday night. So I was up for the week.

2) KUBLACON (Beloit College). I’ll only be at the convention for one panel tonight, as some family business has popped up. So I’ll be there around 6 pm through 9 pm for a Star Trek panel I’m on. I’ll have a few copies of the Trade Paperbacks if anybody wants those signed.

3) MIKE ROYKO’S OLD PAPER. The Chicago Sun-Times will be running Dork Tower on occasion. The first new strip appears in their business and technology section Monday, April 1 (no kidding). I’ll send updates as they run more. With luck, this might turn into a regular gig. Fingers crossed. I’ve missed doing the ‘tech strips since Interactive Week folded.

4) DORK TOWER EN FRANCAIS. Halloween Concept, publishers of Backstab, will begin full translations and publications of Dork Tower comic books this year. Huzzah!

5) DORK TOWER #17. It’s off the presses, and should be in stores in two or three weeks. Double Huzzah! AND I’ve only got ten pages left to do for Dork Tower #18. Triple Huzzah!

6) THE DUDLEY BUG BALL (Birmingham, England). I’ve accepted an invitation to be the Guest of Honor at the Dudley Bug Ball, a British convention I’ve heard LOTS about and will now get to see for myself.

I know I’m cutting back on conventions, but any chance I can get to return to Europe and see my family, I’ll probably take. It will be a short trip, but I’ll get to see my parents and sister, so I’m very happy. Plus, I LOVE British fans (they made Dragonmeet the most amazing con I’ve ever been to last year).

Here are the convention details:

DUDLEY BUG BALL 2002 11th & 12th May 2002

Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, UK “It just got bigger…..” DBB is now a residential SF, Fantasy & Historical Extravaganza Come along and enjoy the Seventh Bug Ball, Now Residential in a plush 4 Star Hotel. Guests of honor: John Kovalic (Dork Storm Press), James Ernest (Cheapass Games), Ed Simbalist (Chivalry and Sorcery).

Events including Organised games including Role Playing Games, LARP, Wargames, Board Games and much much more. (includes a cinema on site) Venue: Hilton Metropole, Birmingham, Nr the NEC (www.birminghammet.hilton.com) (10 minutes drive from Birmingham International Airport using hotels courtesy coach, 10 minutes walk from Birmingham International Rail Station (dedicated for NEC complex) and 5 minutes from nearest motorway junction)

Time: Commences 9.30 am 11th May until 12th May 2002

Over 16’s – £ 6.00 per Day, £ 10.00 weekend pass
Under 16’s – £ 3.00 per Day,
£ 5.00 weekend pass
Under 10’s – Free

I’ll make sure there are LOTS of Dork Tower comics, t-shirts, collections and games on hand. We’ll have a blast, I promise.

There are lots more announcements next week, including a HUGE one that I’m dying to leak. But until then, my lips are sealed. In the mean time, the weather’s lovely, I dragged my hammock out, and I need to nap after a VERY long week…



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