Megan is just SO cool…

Every now and then you just feel kinda down.

Nothing’s really wrong. But you’re just kinda glum.

For some reason, despite all the good news, I’ve been having a string of days like that. So leave it to Tech TV’s “The Screen Savers” to cheer me up.

Megan Morrone’s “Twisted List” for Monday was her favorite web comics. And guess what? She put Dork Tower at #2.

It was a really great plug, and if you read this in time, you still might be able to catch it at the end of Tuesday morning’s repeat (11 am, Eastern Standard Time). This segment comes in the last 15 or 20 minutes of the program, so tune into Tech TV around 12:10 pm, and you should see it. (I’ll see if they can send me a version I can put online for all the overseas readers)
Here’s what Megan had to say:

I got an email from Chris Furniss suggesting that I do a top-five list about my favorite online comic strips. You may not know this, but whenever people send me emails suggesting that I do something, I always do it, no matter how crazy the suggestion.

So here are my top five favorite online comic strips:

  1. Keenspace

    Keenspace offers free hosting to would-be comic artists. Browse the Keenspace Line-Up to see a hoard of amateur artists.

  2. <a Compu-toon

    Comic Charles Boyce chronicles the way people interact with technology in a simpler way than most cartoonists I’ve seen. Think of Compu-toon as Dilbert without the sarcastic edge. It’s syndicated by the Chicago Tribune, but you can read it online here, here, or here.

  3. User Friendly

    True geeks already know User Friendly. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t be ashamed. Just go here right now. I mean it. If you’ve already seen it, maybe you’ll be interested in reading why the artist thinks geeks are funny. If you’ve seen that too, I’m sorry. I have nothing else to offer you.

  4. Dork Tower

    I promise that I liked this cartoon even before Carson the muskrat fell in love with me. I would link to the Dork Tower strips that were about me, but I can’t find them now. By the way John, if you’re reading this, do you mind taking that picture of me off this page? I’d be happy to send you another picture where I don’t look so mentally challenged.

    (John’s note: The picture Megan sent is above. And the Dork Tower cartoons where Carson is in love with her can be found here, here and here).

  5. Linux Lass

    Thanks to Michael Timpani for sending me the link to the coolest comic ever. The Linux Lass is a former librarian who was miraculously transformed into an open-source freedom fighter. To find out how, read how she was compiled.


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