The first LA VIDA DORKA review is in…

Dave LeBlanc, editor of the THE COMIC BOOK NET ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE, had some lovely things to say about the new Dork Tower trade paperback, Livin’ La Vida Dorka.

Between that, and the Cihicago Sun-Times calling the comic “supermagaexcellent,” it’s been a good week.

The Complete DORK TOWER Comic Strip Collection Vol. 1
152 pages, black & white, color covers, $15.95

Created by John Kovalic

If you are a fan of Dork Tower then you will have to get this volume
for more stuff you won’t find in any of the regular comic book. (well
a few strips have been in the comic but not many) These are the Dork
Tower strips collected from works published in Pyramid Magazine,, Interactive Week Magazine, and Scrye Magazine. They are presented in that order in this volume as they fit certain categories
in each venue. Dork Tower has also been run in Shadis and Dragon
Magazine but those strips have been in the comic series so are not
reprinted again.

Throughout the volume John explores the world of gamers, computers,
comic and collectors and pretty much any lover of niche pop culture. As
you might expect, his strips in some magazines lean toward that
audience. What they all have in common is his inexhaustible talent to
poke fun at the things we love that others find weird and the common
threads we all share, en those by “normal” people.

For example, I am amazed he finds so many things to ridicule about
computers and the things about them that drive people nuts, or command so much of their time. Carson the Muskrat opens the volume as he buys a new computer game wondering what adventure and challenge, mysteries and puzzles to solve await him. Not from the game, but in trying to find the cheat codes! And of course the program manual thick with instructions and rules will prove to be indispensable – as a booster seat. The gang at is almost speechless as the word spreads that they have been hacked and it took out the web sit and server. That is until they begin to cheer that they have finally been noticed at all. Ever get tired of having to set up a password online so you type bitemeyoupasswordnazis. Sorry, that password has been submitted 3412 times already. Matt brings his self-published comics to the local convention to sell. When asked the results he admits he brought too much of some stuff and not enough of others – too much of his own comics and not enough of anything that was not his comics.

It is really difficult to review a compilation of one-page strips
without just relating some of these great gags in each one. There is
a laugh on every page and something for everyone. I have said so many times that DORK TOWER is the best “funny” book out today. It is not just for computer nerds or gaming geeks or all the rest. John reveals the foibles we all have in common and shows us how to laugh at it all. If you can’t find back issues of the comics check out availability on
his web site. But first run to the comic store and pick up this
volume. It will give you a lot of entertainment for the rest of the


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