Welcome to the new site!

Well, I just wanted to say to say Hi and introduce myself, I’m Wendy the Web Developer. I hope you like the new site. If there is anything technically wrong (sorry guys, I leave the comics to John) with the site, please let me know through the feedback form.

As I am stealing a little of John’s thunder today and posting a welcome ramblings, I figure I might as well give you the lo’ down. As you can see things look alittle different around here, hopefully better. Anyways, we have moved over most of the big sections, but if there is anything missing or you just can’t find, let us know. Don’t worry, we plan on moving everything that was up at the old site over but it might take us some time as there is alot there, some that I think even John has forgotten about.

If we are really lucky, John will get some time next week to post a new ramblings and let you know what’s up. But until then welcome and enjoy.


-Wendy the Web Developer


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