All Psyched up…

All Psyched
Up and Nowhere to Go…

OK, *this* is
what I like about the creative life.

Dork Tower
is almost ready to go to press. Greg Hyland colored the cover,
and it’s incredible. The Lethargic
backup and the Artesia
backup are simply stunning.

wrote a Chez
article, and the main DT story is a hoot (for me, at
least). I’m not tellin’ ANYTHING about it, save for it’s Kayleigh
vs. Igor all the way. AND there may be a neat freebie from MicroTactix
, if there’s enough room. All in all, things are just
rolling and I couldn’t be more upbeat about it.

For a while, I’m
going to concentrate on shorter stories and one-pagers. The three-part
Matt/Gilly/Kayleigh trilogy was great, but I think it’ll be the end
of the year before I feel like doing some more full-book or multi-book
storylines. Not that the story arcs won’t continue. They’ll just be
packaged a little differently. And at the moment, I’m loving it!

Other good news:
Livin’ La Vida Dorka (the Dork Tower comic strip collection) gets
back from press in a couple of weeks. Orders are up 80% over
the first two Dork Tower trade paperbacks, which is unbelievable!

More keen news:
Scott Kurtz‘s cover for
Dork Tower #17
(February) rocks. In fact, this and a first mockup
are both so good that I may do an alternate cover for the first time
ever (it won’t be collectible. A strict 50/50 ratio just ’cause I
wanna have FUN, and frankly, I love both pieces!) And Scott’s also
written the intro to Livin’ La Vida Dorka, which is humbling

And by the way:
once you find out the REAL title of Dork Tower #17 (it won’t be revealed
until Dork Tower #16 comes out — the blurb in PREVIEWS was pure camouflage),
I think you’ll bust a gut.

that, of course, it’s on to Dork Tower #18 (“Understanding
Gamers”) in March. And I think I’ve finally come up with a title
for the next Dork Tower collection: Hearts of Dorkness (May/June

As you might be
able to tell, I’m all cranked up on some weird amazing mojo(it’s called
loving your work), and Bob Mould
is playing in the background. The ideas are coming fast and furious
and I can’t draw quick enough.

And I’m madly
in love with my wife.

Aaron Williams
just got engaged.

start online again tomorrow!

And the sun is

THIS is the life!

Happy new year,

– John


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