A few Updates

* The Gaming Industry Disaster Fund Auction is still going on and strong. Check it out!

* DORK TOWER made the cover of Comics Buyer’s Guide this week! It’s CBG # 1459, and it should be in stores now (or at least close to now). There’s a story on Dork Storm Press, and Aaron and I are interviewed. Expect CBG sales to plummet…

* DORK TOWER #15 goes to press this week. Huzzah!

* LIVIN’ LA VIDA DORKA (the 160-page collection of Dork Tower strips from Interactive Week, Gamespy, Dragon and Scrye, 90% of which have never been seen collected anywhere before in print) goes to press next week!

* DORK COVENANT goes into its third printing just in time for the holidays. DORK SHADOWS goes into its second printing. WARHAMSTER has been pushed back until summer.

* DORK TOWER comic strips return to the website next Monday, and will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. NEWBIES will then run Saturdays. Due to web problems last week, a couple strips weren’t able to be updated. Sorry ’bout that.

* Both the Badgers and the Packers lost this weekend, so I got a lot of work done.

– John


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