I saw a plane today.

It was a Northwest DC-9, flying from Madison to Minneapolis. I lookedup at it as it arced a trail against a beautiful, clear sky, and slowlydisappeared from sight. And my heart leapt for joy.

It was a PLANE again!

I wanted to be on that plane. Iwant to be on ANY plane right now.

I want to show ANYONE who thinks they can frighten us away from our normal livesthat THEY HAVE FAILED.

We’ve grievedfor a week. We will grieve longer.

But now, Iwant to fly. And I want to laugh again, and I want to live again.

At night,I will cry again for what we lost, and for who we lost, and for thosewho are suffering. My heart will break anew. I will never forget them.They will be a part of me always. Tuesday, September 11, will be apart of me always.

But I haveto fly.

We’ve created miraculous, beautiful metal birds that can soar across the skies andbetween the continents. I love seeing the curvature of the earth from40,000 feet. I’ve seen the Aurora Borealis on a flight from Londonto New York. I’ve followed the towns and cities between Madison and Madrid from the air. I’ve seen the lights of Chicago stretch out underneathme, and I’ve thought that, of hundreds and hundreds of generationsof my family, my parents were the first ones to see the tops of theclouds!

I want to book a ticket ANYWHERE. I want to fly there, then fly back, JUST toshow them.

I want to show them they can’t scare me. I want to show them they can’t takesomething beautiful our civilization has created, and turn it againstus as a weapon of fear.

I want to fly. I want to fly as close to the sun as I can, and I want to lookdown on the world, and see it stretch from horizon to horizon in splendorand glory and infinite possibility.

I want to fly.

They wanted to stop us.

They haven’t.

– John


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