"Secret mission?"

"Secret mission? What plans? What are you talking about?"

Itcan now be told. I’mofficially allowed to play in George Lucas’ sandbox.

I’ve just hadmy first cartoons accepted to StarWars Insider, and it looks like it may be the start of a regulargig. This is important for a couple of reasons.

1) This isSTAR WARS we’re talking about here, and

2) This isSTAR WARS we’re talking about here!

Star Wars Insideris a huge magazine, with hundreds of thousands of readers. I’ll bedoing a combination of comic strips and comic panels ("The UnspeakableOaf," above) for them. I won’t be doing Dork Tower, but comingup with a new strip, tentatively titled "Bob of Tatooine."(I had a marvelous lunch at the San Diego ComiCon talking with thebrilliant Mike Stackpoleabout working for Lucasfilm. And I must admit, it’s been a blast sofar).

Look for my workto start in Star Wars Insider in a couple of months. I’ll besure to mention it here when it starts.

But that’snot all.

Newbies,a comic strip I created with my good friend LizRathke, looks like it will finally get a real home. ConnectedHome Magazine, published by Penton publishing (who also do Windows2000 magazine) launches in January. And Newbies will be there!

As I said lasttime, some days, this job is WAY too much fun

– John


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