Delayed Cartoon

FIRST off, sorry for the delay in today’s cartoon. My internet connection wen screwy, and just came back up around 2 p.m. I am trying to keep to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule as best I can during convention season.

San Diego was FANTASTIC, thanks for asking. I met a ton of great people, and MY PAL ALEX ROBINSON won an Eisner Award! Woo-hoooo!

Not a lot of time to talk about what went on…but here are a few photographs from the thing:

Believe it or not, at times the line for signings at the Dork Storm Booth lasted for over an hour! I felt just like Terry Moore or Jeff Smith (minus the talent, of course. And the looks. And the paychecks. And the…well, YOU GET THE PICTURE).
Hard at work, drawing yet ANOTHER muskrat for my supper…

Meet Vanessa. Note what GENTLEMEN Aaron and I were when she asked to be drawn upon.

(Phil Foglio had no such problems when he was next in line to sign. I leave everything else up to your imagination).

The Dork Storm Press company dinner Saturday night. It was held at a place called "Dick’s Last Resort." Every ounce of me that is English was just as uncomfortable as I looked in this photo.
My and Judith’s good friend Becky. It was HER idea to dine here.
Aaron Williams (with Scott Kurtz here) seemed to almost enjoy it, however. Have I ever mentioned how Aaron scares me sometimes?
My getting stuck with the bill most likely had something to do with that. Note the gusto our waitress presents it with. Oh, well. Who needed large sums of cash anyway?

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