The news just keeps getting better and better!

GREG HYLAND (mad genius behind Lethargic Lad) and I have been exchanging e-mail for a couple of weeks, now. And the upshot is, LETHARGIC LAD, one of my all-time favorite comics, will soon appear as a regular back-up feature in Dork Tower!

This makes me happier than you could imagine. Lethargic Lad was one of the funniest comics out there. Along with Box Office Poison, it was one of the few books that would send me rushing home immediately from the comic store just to read it as soon as I could. In fact, my first letter to a comic book ever was published in Lethargic Lad, along with a picture of Igor clad in the Lad outfit.

Greg and I hung out at the Motor City Comicon a couple of years ago, and I got to play complete fanboy. Unfortunately, we haven’t bumped into each other on the convention circuit since.

We’re talking about other Dork Tower/Dork Storm/Lethargic Lad thingies coming down the line, but for now, I just wanted to let everyone know how great I think this is. It’s been too long since Lethargic Lad’s been in print, and I’m just completely thrilled that Dork Tower will be doing its little part in spreading the good word!

We haven’t specified a start date yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll let everybody know.

Check out Greg’s website and prepare for the awesomeness that is…Lethargic Lad!


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