Back from Seattle

I’m back from a brief trip to Seattle, to visit friends at Cheapass Games and Wizards of the Coast. It was a spectacular time, and ended with a wonderful trip to the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery with Dragon magazine Editor Dave Gross and his terribly significant and utterly charming other, Barb. Well, a winery and a couple of brewpubs, that is…

But I still haven’t said a word about my trip to the Hannover Spielt convention, which I’ll report on soon. So a full Seattle low-down must wait.

In the meantime, there’s new swag up at the Dork Store, including Gilly the Perky Goth’s Perky Ankh (at last). So head on over, and check in regularly this week. There’s even more to go up soon!

And here’s another cool bit of news: Steve Jackson Games has put some cards up from the upcoming game MUNCHKIN, which I illustrated. The game’s a hoot, and here’s a sneak-peek at one of the cards!


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