A Very Dorky Interview!

In a fit of dubious taste, GameSpy.com posted a spotlight interview with me today.

It’s kind of long. Hope you can keep awake through it:


My German Adventure:

As some of you know, I’ve recently returned from Hannover Spielt in Germany, a very cool covention that, again in a fit of dubious taste, invited me to be the guest of honor.

It was fabulous. The convention was a hoot, filled with great, great folks (hi Daniel, Anja, Iris, etc., etc., etc…I owe you all e-mails)! Judith and I had a blast, and met a ton of people. It was only my second non-US convention (the first was Dragonmeet, last December. I’ll be returning there this year).

Starting Monday, I’ll put some photos and diary notes up from both the Hannover trip and a brief family visit in London which included stops at some of my old schools as well!



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