DORK TOWER has been nominated for two prestigious ORIGINS AWARDS this year:

Best Game-Related Short Work of 2000
Matt and Gilly’s Big Date
appearing in Dork Tower #11
Author: John Kovalic
Dork Storm Press

Best Professional Game Periodical of 2000
Dork Tower

Editor: John Kovalic
Dork Storm Press, Corsair Publishing

In addition, my design work and cartoons for the Out of the Box game Shipwrecked have been nominated in another category:

Best Graphic Design of a Board Game of 2000

Graphic Designers: John Kovalic, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney
Out of the Box Publishing

If you haven’t read MATT AND GILLY’S BIG DATE, it’s now online! Read the entire Origins Awards-nominated story at

As the Origins Awards are the Gaming industry’s equivalent of the Oscars or the Grammys, obviously, I consider this a great honor, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hope people vote for DORK TOWER and Out of the Box.

But regardless of what or who you vote for, PLEASE VOTE. These are great awards and deserving of your support! You can vote online now. Just go to!

I hope you enjoy the story, and I hope you consider it worthy of your Origins award vote! But regardless, thanks for supporting the Origins Awards!



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