Boy, and it's not even Sweeps Week.

Here’s another PRESS RELEASE, this time one those nuts at COSMIC ENCOUNTER put out.

(And yes, I knew I said I was giving up most game illustration. But this is different. This is COSMIC FREAKING ENCOUNTER! Like you think I’m going to turn down doing a few cards for THEM?)

Cosmic Encounter Online meets DORK TOWER!

Cosmic Encounter Online – The Comic Book and Comic Strip

April 17 — JOHN KOVALIC, the creator of the comic strip DORK TOWER, will be turning his slightly skewed vision to designing a set of the Cosmic Encounter Online aliens for the new Shockwave / Flash version of the game now in development by Future Pastimes and Quicksilver Software. Dork Tower takes aim at the gaming world and and delivers laugh after laugh. Peter Olotka Cosmic designer said, “John Kovalic is a great match for Cosmic Encounter which of course, pokes its own brand of fun at the semi-seriousness of the gaming world”.

DORK TOWER is the comic running three times a week at, weekly in Interactive Week and at Pyramid online, and monthly in Dragon magazine and Scrye magazine. It’s also a bimonthly comic book published by Dork Storm Press! Issue #1 sold out in eight weeks, and it’s now sold out through issue #6.

DORK TOWER is the story of Matt, Igor, Ken, Carson the Muskrat (yes, he’s a muskrat – and he also happens to be the star of Wild Life) and Gilly, the Perky Goth. They’re trapped in a world they never made…but are nevertheless striving to create a realistic yet playable simulation thereof!

John Kovalic, who is a long time Cosmic Encounter fan, said: “I’ve been playing Cosmic Encounter since the early 1980s, so I’m just thrilled to be able to contribute a few drawings to the online version, and add a little something to the long and storied history of this great game. It’s a real thrill for me, and easily makes up for the remarkable number of games I’ve lost over the years. Badly.”

Come to Cosmic Encounter Online to see what John Kovalic is all about.

Peter and John are already musing about a new Cosmic Online Alien called, not surprisingly, THE DORK.

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