Why so few updates recently?

Why so few updates recently?

Well, the good news is because I’ve been so busy.

In a couple of weeks, I’m off to Hanover for the weekend of April 28/29, for Hanover Spiel — so right now I’ve got to build up a bit of a backlog on the comic strips.

While I’m there, I’ll also be meeting with my German publisher for the launch of Dork Covenant in its German edition: "Die Welt Der Dumheit." This is, obviously, extremely exciting. Check out some of the other translations at Planet Dork. And get ready for a couple of other big announcements regarding translations!

The GREAT news is that Dork Tower 13 went to press last week. The blue lines should be back soon! It’ll be huge — another 48-pager — and packed with cartoons and fun!

Lots more announcements coming up!


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