Award Nominations

I’m getting over what is apparently now known as the GAMA crud, and beginningto function like ma normal human being.

So ya want some big news from GAMA? How’s this: The nominees for the 2000 Origins Awards, the adventure gaming industry’s equivalent ofthe Oscars, have been announced. The nominees are selected by vote of the Fellows of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design, with the final decision being left in the hands of the public. The ballot will be available online soon, with voting starting once the ballot sare available. And…

…projects I contributed directly to are up for SIX Origins Awards this year!

Best Professional Game Periodical
Dork Tower
John Kovalic Dork Storm Press

Best Game-Related ShortWork
Matt and Gilly’s Big Date appearing in Dork Tower #11
Author:John Kovalic Dork Storm Press

Best Graphic Presentationof a Board Game
Graphic Designers: John Kovalic, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney Out of the Box Publishing

Best Abstract BoardGame
Out of the Box Publishing

Best Card Game Expansionor Supplement
Expansion Set-2 for Apples to Apples
Out of the Box Publishing

Best Traditional CardGame
Apples to Apples Junior
Designers: Ellen Osterhaus, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney,Mark Alan Osterhaus, Al Waller, John Kovalic, Out of the Box Publishing

I am completely stoked about this. But in the category of Best Professional Game Periodical, I’m actually also competing against myself. Three of the five entries run Dork Tower! The other two include Dragon Magazine and Pyramid Magazine. PLUS, in the Best Game-Related Short Work category (the award I really want to win: I’m VERY proud of that story), I’m up against Chris Pramas and John Wick. Aaaaiiiieeee!

Oh,well. At least it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Morenews as it breaks, along with updates on how you can vote! (Early and often).


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